Anheuser Busch / InBev

January 26, 2016
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TSI-Global Projects:

Anheuser Busch / InBev

Project Description:

TSI is the preferred vendor for Anheuser Busch providing conference room A/V technology services for the St Louis facilities, Regional Sales Offices and other selected sites. The AB InBev, St Louis, Main office buildings all follow a standard set of rules for conference room functionality and preferred equipment and are classified as Small, Medium, and Large type meeting rooms. Equipment standards were established by technology committee in order to be more cost effective in budgeting new conference rooms, monitoring actual usage and during times of servicing/repair of equipment. Digital Signage was incorporated on all (9) floors to distribute various content material based on departmental requirements.

TSI has provided new Sound systems, LCD displays, and Video Wall Displays to the St Louis Tour Center, St Louis Brewery, Grants Farm, and Clydesdale areas.

The Regional Sales offices and other properties are provided the same standards for conference room technology and digital signage so whether the executives are in St Louis or at their regional offices the Audio Visual experience is consistent.

Technical Information:

Samsung LCD Panels

Sanyo Projectors

Crestron Control Systems


Project Name

Anheuser-Busch InBev

City, State

St. Louis, Missouri

Type of Project






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