The Digital Revolution in A/V

Is your organization prepared for the Digital Revolution in Audio-Visual systems and Digital Interactivity?  Presentation systems are much more than video displays and audio.  Users now require touch and interactive technology that’s as intuitive to use as their mobile device.  What just a few years ago was movie special effects is now a reality with the technology available today.

TSI offers consulting, design, and implementation services for all your professional audio-visual needs.  From small interactive huddle rooms, to large event centers, and even professional sports stadiums; TSI has the skills and experience to deliver these solutions to your organization.

Design Expertise

Our in-house CTS-certified Design and Engineering staff are on the forefront of converged A/V systems and can work with you to design a complete and state-of-the-art system that is functional and yet intuitive and easy-to-use.

Our staff has experience on projects that include Stadiums, Executive Board Rooms, Houses of Worship, Security Monitoring and Operations Center, Large-scale Video Wall and outdoor amphitheater systems.  We have partnered with all the major systems manufactures to help provide an unbiased design based on “best-of-breed” hardware and deliver a custom solution that best meets your operational criteria

IP Convergence

The digital revolution in AV is based in the IP Convergence movement.  TSI address this complexity with the knowledge and understanding of all components of the system; from the physical layer wiring, inter-connecting fiber-optics, network switching, the end-point devices, and the software applications that manage it all.  TSI can provide a turn-key end-to-end solution that will operate seamlessly and keep costs down.

Audio-Visual Presentation

When the spoken word and visual communication are integrated, the impact is dramatic. TSI can design and install an Audio-Visual Presentation system to get your message out. Our team of AV specialists will work with you through all phases of your project, from conception to commissioning. Typical applications include Board Rooms, Houses of Worship, Auditoriums, Lecture Halls and Training Facilities. No matter your requirements, TSI can design a solution for you.