Digital Signage & Video Walls

Deliver Dynamic Content That Makes An Impact

Our digital signage solutions can help you promote and cross-sell your products and services directly to the people in your facility, deliver entertaining and informational content to reduce perceived wait times, share news and an up-to-date schedules right where people need it most, provide real-time location and directional guidance, or even turn your digital sign into a revenue generator by partnering with your vendors.


We believe that information should be accessible, engaging, and informative. That’s why we specialize in providing digital signage solutions for clients to enhance the information they provide for employees, guests, and everybody in between. Whether you need wayfinding, employee communication, or company updates, TSI has the perfect digital signage solution for you.


A video wall is not only practical but also brings beauty and excitement to any space. TSI can help you design and build a video wall specifically around your spaces for optimal viewing experience. Today’s direct view LED video walls can have various features that allow them to come in any shape. Solutions can be as large as you want without seams or bevel, bend around corners, and can even be transparent when turned off.



Wayfinding is the process of providing accessible and intuitive information about different spaces and locations. It can be as simple as a sign on the wall or as complex as a multi-screen, multi-language multimedia experience. In today’s world, wayfinding has become an essential part of the visitor experience.

If your school, company, or church is ready for some digital signage solutions, we’re here to help.

At TSI, we know that finding the right solution for your needs can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer free consultations so you can get started on the right path.

We’ll help you find the best fit for your space and budget so you can bring your organization into the future with beautiful digital signage solutions.