Interactive Displays

Interactive Products for Education
SMART’s award-winning Interactive  products help teachers bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. Because SMART products are so easy to use, teachers can quickly incorporate them into their teaching to transform student learning and increase engagement.

Interactive Products for Higher Education
SMART’s award-winning Interactive bring course content to life for today’s diverse higher education learners. Our products help students experience a deeper level of engagement and comprehension by adding interactive, visual dimensions to course material.

The ease of use we build in to each product enhances instructional efficiency. Instructors can work with applications they are familiar and comfortable with, write over course material in digital ink, save notes and comments for future lectures and easily distribute material to students.

Interactive  Products for Business
SMART Interactive make collaboration a visual and interactive experience. With our interactive whiteboards, interactive displays and software, you can open files, applications, websites and multimedia and interact with them on a large touch-enabled surface. You can write notes in digital ink, save them into your files and share them instantly via e-mail. You can switch from writing notes to navigating other applications with a simple touch, and all participants can see and contribute to your work in real time, regardless of location.