Paging & Mass Notification Systems

TSI offers wireless mass notification systems for emergency notification & public address applications. Our systems provide audible and visual alerts for any facility, regardless of size.

Whether you are looking to reach the masses on a college campuses, within a government facility, military bases, school, or commercial environment, it is imperative to communicate with the masses in the event of an emergency. Mass notification systems provide immediate, well-directed live or pre-recorded voice messages often with instructions of what to do in a variety of emergency situations.

Combined with our Digital Signage systems you can provide a visual integration with the notification. Gone are the days when institutions and authorities had to rely on static and prearranged emergency plans hoped that word of mouth and speakerphones would transmit their instructions to an often frightened public. Instead they are now able to transmit up-to-date instructions which can be adjusted to meet a variety of situations and can be delivered as a consistent message to all affected people. This ultimately increases public safety and emergency response times and leads to saved lives.