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Crisp Sound System Solutions

TSI is a leading provider of pro audio systems and room treatment solutions. We have worked with some of the world’s most prestigious clients, from stadiums to performing arts venues, conference rooms, whole-building sound, and recreational facilities. We understand that every space has its own acoustic setup and requires different audio solutions to ensure everyone can hear. Our engineers are second to none when it comes to audio systems and room treatment for any room. From small corporate offices to large venues, TSI has the experience you need to get your project right the first time.

Stadium Audio Broadcast Solutions Charlotte St Louis


TSI provides the highest quality audio solutions for professional sporting and entertainment events. Our team of engineers work directly with architects when designing professional audio solutions for stadiums, arenas, and venues of all sizes.

  • Networked AV
  • Broadcast
  • Reduce Sound Spillage


TSI is a full-service provider for all your conference room AV needs. Collaboration is dependent on crisp audio, and our audio solutions can guarantee everyone can be heard regardless of where they are sitting. We help you turn your conference rooms into places where teams can collaborate with ease.

  • Fully Integrated Meeting Rooms
  • Ceiling/Table Mics
  • Sound Masking
  • Acoustic Treatment
Conference Audio Solutions Microphones St Louis Charlotte
Office Audio Solutions Charlotte St Louis


Multizone audio solutions will help you bring audio throughout your office and give you the autonomy to change what people hear depending on the space they’re in. We can design a solution that brings balanced background music to every room, or different sounds for each part of the office.

  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Sound Masking
  • Distributed Sound


We offer presentation audio solutions that can effectively amplify the voices of multiple speakers and give each a smooth, clear sound. Our professional installers will help you set up your conference room or press room with AV that sounds great, even if it’s just for one person speaking at a time.

  • Microphones
  • Audio Control Panels
  • Distributed Sound
Presentation Audio Solutions Charlotte St Louis
Restaurant audio solutions st louis charlotte


Hospitality audio solutions can be quite diverse, depending on the nature of the venue. For example, a restaurant will have different needs than a bar, which may differ from those of a pub. We work closely with hospitality establishments to pinpoint their specific needs so we can help them find the perfect audio solution for their spaces.

  • Music Performances
  • Custom Speaker Designs
  • Multizone Sound Distribution¬†
sound masking solutions st louis charlotte


Sound masking is a cost-effective way to significantly improve speech privacy without the need for expensive, labor-intensive methods like new construction or remodeling. Sound masking can be integrated into an existing paging system, and a TSI hybrid multizone sound masking system includes features like program scheduling, direct or indirect positioning, and more.

  • Absorb (Ceiling Tiles)
  • Blocking (Cube Partitions)
  • Cover (White Noise Speakers)
paging mass notification system st louis charlotte


Mass notification systems are the most effective way to notify everybody at once. Paging systems allow for a single source of information and in a very short amount of time. Mass notification allows for more control over what you are communicating to your staff, students, and other personnel.

  • Outdoor Sirens
  • Access Panels
  • Email, RSS, and SMS Messages