AV Presentations

Consultation & Design

Before you get to far with your architect, let a Consultant from TSI work with you on ensuring your environments are being designed for optimal technical integration of your new audio visual system. TSI specializes in working with architects about details ranging from building materials and colors to proper lighting, and the architectural requirements for a tight clean and professional installation. We can prevent costly design, architectural, and materials changes that cause delays and ultimately a less than absolutely perfect integration.

The value of a system designed by TSI is that the system can be integrated and supported. Radiant Technology's certified installers have established themselves as one of the best teams in the industry. Our reputation for timely and very professional installations are commonly complemented by all of our customers. Ranging from Small, Medium, and Enterprise size clients.

Visual Presentation

A custom audio/visual system integrated in your conference, boardroom, or classroom environment can have significant impact on your audience. Whether it is client you are trying to sell, or a class of students you have to teach, presenting on a well designed and integrated system will elevate their impression and retention of your material. From the very basic of ceiling mounted projector and audio system, to a fully automated environment with lighting and blind control, multiple inputs in a custom milled conference table, multi-display rear projection system, and professional video conferencing system, TSI can integrate a solution to meet you presentation and budgetary requirements.

Visual Communications

Video Collaboration is a very powerful and useful tool to meet your expanded operational needs. In today's global or even super regional business community, the need to have continuous face time and real time collaboration with others is a necessary requirement. Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing are not the only two solutions available for effective collaboration. TSI can work with you to plan the right collaborative solution to meet your needs.


In addition to the professional services surrounding the design, integration, and support of your audio visual systems, TSI can help you select and procure the right products to meet the needs of your system. TSI is one of the leading presentation product dealers in the MidWest and can not only provide the technology for your project, but meet your on-going presentation product and supplies needs.

Service & Maintenance

Not only is it important to get the right products and have them integrated properly, but is important to make sure they are maintained and service properly to protect your investment. TSI is dedicated to meet a service level agreement for all our customers, and is one of the only companies in the A/V industry that can back it up with industry leading service history. Our system also provides product history where reoccurring service issues with a particular item can be monitored and dealt with prior to a warranty expiration. TSI also provides Preventative Service Maintenance which will help ensure technology uptime.