Electrical Contracting

Bringing Power to the St. Louis Area and Beyond

TSI Global Companies is a licensed and insured electrical contractor providing commercial electrical installations throughout the United States. Our trained labor force is a part of the IBEW Local 1 and equipped with the workmanship and professionalism to handle any challenge presented in commercial buildings, warehouses, and parking lots. Headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, TSI can handle any electrical project from new construction, remodeling and retrofitting, expansion, and full-service tenant improvements. 

We deliver cost-effective electric and lighting solutions for various healthcare, education, corporate, hospitality, stadiums, arenas, performing arts, and houses of worship industries with 24-hour emergency repair to commercial clients. Give us a call today to discuss how TSI can install any type of high-efficiency electrical system required for your organization. 


At TSI, we provide first-rate commercial electric systems. Whether you need new wiring installed in your offices or a new electrical system in a new building, we can help you with any commercial construction electrical application. We can also provide phone lines, industrial breaker boxes, and more. Our experts are ready to assist you with all of your commercial electric needs.


Whether you’re in need of an emergency electrician or just a routine service, we have you covered. Our team is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions and get an electrician out to you immediately.


TSI is a licensed and insured electrical testing company offering field testing, uninterruptible power supply services, and electrical engineering services for industries throughout St. Louis. We have the expertise, experience, and resources necessary to provide you with fast resolutions and preemptive measures, so you never have to go a day without power. TSI is the one-stop-shop for all your technology and power needs.


The Midwest is known for some of its serious thunderstorms. Let us help you keep your equipment and technology safe with a surge protection solution that can withstand any storm.


At TSI, we believe that office lighting is an essential part of creating a productive work environment. We can help you find the perfect lighting solutions for your space that will save your company money, create a productive environment, and bring character out of your office space.


Our Local 1 IBEW electricians can help make sure your business is well-lit from all sides. Exterior lighting not only helps guide people to designated areas, but it also helps add a layer of protection to your business from trespassers. With our commercial electrician services, we can help you design an exterior lighting system that works for your business. Our electrical experts will work with you to determine the best way to add exterior lights so that they are safe and effective for your business.


Modern Warehouse LED lighting technology has improved drastically over the years. LED lights built for warehouses have improved how much it costs to light large areas of space. With warehouse lighting, you can save money on your utility bills while providing the safety and security that your employees need to be able to work efficiently. LED lights are also environmentally friendly because they use less energy than traditional bulbs and last longer than other types of light bulbs. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing them as frequently, saving you time and money.


We know that the first impression of your business is everything. Parking lot lighting helps create that first impression, making sure that customers and employees alike can see where they’re going and feel safe in your parking structures, walkways, and streets. TSI can help keep your business well-lit and safe through the nights.