Commercial Integrator St Louis Award

Commercial Integrator 40 Under 40 Award

Another AV Expert at TSI Makes the 40 Under 40 List

We are thrilled to announce Joseph Trefney, Sr. AV Solutions Designer, has been recognized in Commercial Integrator’s 40 Under 40 – Class of 2021!

This year marks the 8th year CI has collected nominations to highlight 40 spectacular individuals under 40 years old who are molding their footprint in the audiovisual industry.  All these AV gurus played a huge role for their respective organizations to help move the needle forward.

AV Design as an Art Form

2020 was a difficult year for most companies.  We were faced with new challenges that required new creative solutions.  Most of our AV customers were stuck between a rock and a hard place when trying to figure out how they were going to upgrade their technology infrastructure in way that would allow their employees to work remotely and efficiently. 

Unfortunately, there is hardly a “one size fits all” solution for teleconferencing technology.  Companies often revolve their systems to work around one of the big virtual conferencing technologies like Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams.  The mission for these customers is to build a solution that utilizes as much of their existing technology as possible while simultaneously meeting all their needs. 

The secret to doing this requires understanding the finest details of all the systems and their abilities. For example, some systems talk well with other systems and others don’t.  It takes an audiovisual design artist to understand how to make different components work together so the customer’s needs and budget are met.  Like Bob Ross painting a picture, JD approaches their system’s canvas with an idea in mind and uses his skills and tools to make happy little solutions. 

At only 34 years old, JD brings design solutions into fruition that are beyond his time. Outside of his work at TSI, he has found a passion for creating high quality voiceovers for audio books, YouTube channels, video games and mini documentaries.  If you want to learn more about that visit his website.