Company Overview

We Design/Build AV Solutions to Solve Real Business Challenges


TSI Global Companies is a full-service AV and low-voltage systems integrator providing turnkey convergent audiovisual, networked communications, security systems, and electrical solutions to clients throughout North America.

Founded in 1987, TSI has continued to push the boundaries with what can be achieved through human-centric technology solutions. Our team is constantly staying up to date with the latest technologies, and our manufacturer relationships give us an edge when engineering solutions based around your organization’s challenges, budget, and schedule. 

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We understand there are other integration companies to choose, but there are not many that can do it all from under one roof. With the One TSI Solution, we promise every project will be done on time, on budget, and exceed customer expectations TSI can do it all by completing projects faster and with less communication errors. Clients come back to us year after year because we truly understand how to build solutions around their challenges. We have a long history working on Fortune 500 companies, small corporations, healthcare facilities, sports stadiums, venues, universities, and houses of worship. There is no job too big or too small for TSI. 


The Driving Force Behind TSI


Innovation is not a single idea. It’s a mindset. Every project is an opportunity to challenge the standard of excellence. We don’t change technology; we change how it benefits your life.


Technology evolves at an exponential rate and staying one step ahead of it is how we make a real difference. Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional, a leader, and as a company.


Everything we do, we do it well. We do this by focusing on the customer in order to engineer high-quality solutions built for long-term use. We don’t simply check the boxes; we go beyond customer expectations.


Nobody is anybody without the help of everybody. TSI’s foundation is built on spectacular individuals, but it’s only through working together that we achieve greatness.


It’s why we do everything we do. TSI is determined to better the lives of every client, employee, and member our community. It is our responsibility to leave a positive footprint and ensure we leave this planet better than how we found it.


Strength comes from accepting different ideas from different backgrounds. It’s how innovation is truly possible. We support inclusion in the workplace and work diligently to help all minorities receive equal opportunities.


As one of the leading integrators in the country, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to do work nationwide. With offices in St. Louis, Charlotte, and Denver, we are able to handle nationwide solution deployments. Our clients have brought us to nearly every state in the U.S., including Hawaii.

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At TSI, different is good. Different enhances the true potential of innovation and should be celebrated. To inspire all our employees to contribute to the larger picture, regardless of background, we can design and implement innovative technological solutions that pave the way to the future.

It all starts with the hiring process. We provide an equal opportunity for employment and welcome those in all walks of life. However, diversity means going beyond the hire. It is a commitment to inspiring long-term growth for everybody at all levels of TSI. As an MBE-certified company, it is our mission to seek out other reputable W/MBE companies to be involved in our projects. 

We encourage everybody to join us on this mission. Send us an email if you are interested in learning more about our MBE qualifications or looking to enhance the diversity within your own organization. TSI is HUB certified in the state of North Carolina. 

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Our engineers bring years of experience, product understanding, and architectural knowledge to the table to ensure all the components of your systems work seamlessly with your organization’s needs.

Audiovisual Design Build Company St Louis Charlotte


Your goals are specific to you. That’s why we don’t approach your technology needs with boxed cookie-cutter solutions. We assess what systems are currently being used and weigh that against the business goals and end-user experience to integrate a solution around your current equipment.

Audiovisual Design Build Company St Louis Charlotte


We work directly with clients, architects, and construction contractors to execute system builds that exceed customer expectations. Through the combination of disciplined management and effective communications, TSI can install systems that are on schedule and surpass industry standards.

Audiovisual Design Build Company St Louis Charlotte


Our business revolves around relationships. We are here with resources to help after the project is over. Our team can provide training, videos, consultation, and on-call services to give you peace of mind.


We are here to help! We have trained experts ready to discuss any upcoming project, partnership, career opportunity, or anything relating to the audiovisual industry. Drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.