What TSI Can Do for The Education Market...

Technologies for the 21-Century Classroom

When you're building the classroom of tomorrow, you have numerous users to please, a budget to meet and an exciting array of available technology options.  TSI technology solutions, products and services for the 21st Century Classroom help you improve the teaching and learning environment by promoting collaboration and meaningful interaction between students and teachers.  Whether you need to outfit one classroom or rollout a district wide technology initiative, TSI’s experienced staff can help you meet your objectives.  TSI can provide your school with solutions that are easy to use from a teacher perspective, yet provide robust capabilities from a district-wide management perspective.  Contact one of TSI’s AV consultants and we will assist you and your team with developing a winning AV solution that will meet both your technology needs and your budget.

AV Technologies for Higher Education

Institutions of higher education continuously seek ways to improve the quality of the education they provide to their students.  Students must be prepared for an increasingly technological world they will encounter once their education is complete.  TSI works very closely with both public and private colleges and universities to help them provide cutting edge technology for classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, cafeterias, distance learning centers, student unions, campus centers, visitor centers, sports arenas and other public spaces.  TSI has the expertise and experience to design and integrate technology solutions like interactive whiteboards, audio systems, video display systems, videoconferencing and campus wide or classroom level control and monitoring systems that help institutions meet their missions of improved education and increased student enrollment.

Customers Include:

Clayton School District
Ferguson-Florissant School District
Jefferson College
Jennings School District
Lindbergh School District
Maryville University
Mehlville School District
Meramec Valley School District
Missouri Baptist University
Riverview Gardens School District
Special School District of St. Louis
St. Louis Community College
St. Louis Public Schools
St. Louis University
Vatterott Educational Centers
University of Illinois
University of Missouri - Columbia
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Washington University