AV Engineer Rusty Wandall St Louis Charlotte

Employee Spotlight – Rusty Wandall, AV Engineer

We’re thrilled to introduce Rusty Wandall, a key member of our engineering team who ensures our AV systems perform as intended and either meet or exceed the client’s expectations. Rusty has been with us nearly one year, so we sat him down to learn more about him and his audiovisual experience.

Rusty's Audiovisual Journey

Hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Rusty brought his skills and drive to the Midwest to attend grad school at the University of Missouri – Kansas City where he received his MFA in Sound Design. He then worked as the Head of Sound Design at Webster University for 15 years until transitioning to TSI.

"Several of my colleagues complimented TSI and how it is a growing company that treats its employees with respect. The transition from academia to TSI was quite the change, but it has been a real breath of fresh air to explore this side of the industry."

Rusty is approaching his 1-year anniversary at TSI, and we are thrilled to witness the growth and development he continuously demonstrates.

Q&A with Rusty Wandall

We sat down with Rusty for a blend of serious and light-hearted questions to get inside the head of an AV Engineer. 

What industry certifications do you currently have? 

What are some common misconceptions people outside your field have about your profession?

Most people truly have no idea how systems work together. It’s not just plugging part “A” into part “B”.

What are your favorite weekend activities?

Spending time with my son and going on adventures. We are always down for a good movie, visiting the zoo, or a ski trip.

Where is the best place you have ever traveled to and why?

Disney World. Just seeing the magic through my son’s eyes was everything. My son had a speech delay when he was about 3 years old. He was in speech therapy regularly until we went to Disney. That was the first time he went from saying 2 words to full sentences. He graduated from speech therapy 6 months after that trip and now we try to vacation there once a year.

Do you think aliens exist?

No… I don’t think so.

When the aliens finally reveal themselves, are you going to resist or join them?

I am going to go down in a blaze of glory!

What is the best piece of advice somebody has even given to you?

Don’t be married to a single idea. Be open to other ideas because your subjective view may not be the best in every situation. This holds true, especially in the audiovisual industry. 

What is your favorite movie?


Why Rusty is a Vital Part of the AV Team

With a broad spectrum of education and certifications, Rusty’s expertise spans various domains. His willingness to embrace new ideas, combined with his technical acumen, makes him a cornerstone of our audiovisual team. And his wholesome attitude and devotion to his family is something we respect to the fullest.

Rusty’s blend of professional excellence and quirky personality makes him a cherished member of the TSI family. We’re proud to have him on our team, and we look forward to hearing about his next Disney vacation with his son.

Thank you, Rusty, for being an invaluable part of our success story!

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