Esports is huge across the world and growing more popular every day in the United States.  Let us at TSI help you integrate an esports arena or facility that can give your players a competitive advantage.  

Esports Installation & Integration

Esports may be a rather new type of sport that has gained traction over the last few years, but it’s not necessarily new.  The technology used to create an esports arena or room is essentially the same tech and services TSI has been providing for years, but integrated in a way to maximize network performance.  

Esports is only going to get more popular and can be an instrumental recruitment tool for the years to come.  It is already an industry worth over 1 billion dollars (Forbes).  

Chances are your university or school already has an esports team.  If not, then it is definitely the right time to start considering one. Already there are “47 schools at the club level in the American Collegiate Esports League (ACEL), while 699 schools have active college esports teams on the Collegiate Star League (CSL) platform and compete in the League of Legends competitions.”  ( 

Let us help you get in the game with free consulting over how to implement these systems into your organization with step-by-step design planning, broadcast streaming, and all your necessary audio/visual hardware needed to give your gamers the competitive edge they need.