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Do You Need To Replace a GFCI Outlet?

Your GFCI outlet, or ground fault circuit interrupted outlet, is like your electrical safety net that protects you from being shocked.  This works by the GFCI unit monitoring the current going into the device, like a hair dryer, and is designed to automatically detect a disruption in the current.  If you were to accidentally drop the hair dryer in the sink, the GFCI would pick this up and cut off the power to that outlet almost immediately.  

There are five potential reasons for needing to troubleshoot a GFCI receptacle:

  1. Wear & Tear-  GFCI outlets typically remain in good status for about ten years.  GFCI’s, like most electrics, have a degree of wear and tear with each use.  
  2. Touching Wires-  Issues with new home GFCI’s can sometimes be cause by the black wire touching the ground.  This could also happen if a mouse chews through the insulation and moves some wires in the process
  3. Defective Circuit- GFCI outlets are often connected to one another in your home. If there is a fault in the circuit, it could trip the other outlets downstream as well.  
  4. Overloaded Circuit- It is possible there is more amperage flowing the circuit than the unit can handle.  
  5. Receptacle Moisture- GFCI outlets are mandatory for areas that may have an increased risk of getting wet like in the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor outlets.  If too much moisture gets trapped in the unit, it can trip or stop working all together.  

These problems are not the end of the world.  Just a simple fix and your home is back to good.  Feel free to give us a call at (636)-425-1300 or email us at We serve the following Greater St. Louis areas: 

How to Troubleshoot Your GFCI

It is quite possible that the GFCI issue you’re experiencing can be easily fixed with just a few troubleshooting steps.  Feel free to give it a shot, or give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you.  

GFCI Troubleshooting 

  1. Test the GFCI outlets by plugging in a device like a lamp or radio, then hit the test button.  If the GFCI is working properly, it should cut off the power to that outlet, and the lamp should shut off.  Then, press the reset button.  This should turn the power back on to that outlet, and confirm your GFCI is working properly.  
  2. If that doesn’t work, see if other outlets are dead.  Unplug all devices to the dead outlets to reduce the likelihood of overload.  
  3. Check the circuit breaker.  Go to your panel box and locate the breaker for the dead outlet rooms.  Then, be sure to flip the breaker all the way off, then back on.  

These problems are not the end of the world.  If you are still experiencing problems, or just want a professional to come make sure you and your family are safe, feel free to give us a call at (636)-425-1300 or email us at We serve the following Greater St. Louis areas: 

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