Lighting Control Systems

Like you, the experts at TSI know recessed lighting makes every home look more sophisticated and inviting. We also know the best way to do it! Pointed at the right places, recessed lights help create an ambiance and illuminate certain work areas and art displays. Installation of recessed lighting is a complex project as it involves a lot of components and calculations. It is highly recommended that homeowners hire experienced professionals to complete it.

LED recessed retrofit downlights are the ideal replacements for incandescent lamps. These energy efficient lights and will continue shining brightly for years while providing significant energy bill savings to your household. In addition, these modern lights deliver a superior lighting quality and an even color distribution compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Retrofit your outdated recessed lights with the modern, energy-saving version featuring insulation-friendly cans and cooler-running, longer-lasting Energy Star certified LED bulbs.

In addition to recessed lighting, our licensed experts can install your lighting fixtures, switches, and ceiling fans. We also offer custom lighting and design solutions including sconces, dimmers, green-energy and low-voltage lighting options for Lightolier, Philips, and Leviton.

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