Service & Repair

We can help service and repair the critical systems in your home when they malfunction.

For instance, as our daily lives require more and more electrical power to run all the amenities and devices we have come to depend on, we inevitably put increased demands on the electrical panels that regulate electricity coursing through our home. As a result of such pressure, older electrical panels begin to malfunction and their circuits overload leaving us without power.

If you are making additions to your home, do not forget that new rooms, kitchens, hot tubs, and even garage doors will require additional power and an expanded breaker box. If your house was built before 1990, it may have a service panel with a design flaw that can cause electrical safety issues. Older electrical panels, or fuse boxes as they used to be called, can only handle 100 amps of power or less while modern homes require 200 amps. Insufficient power causes more than an inconvenience, it can be a significant fire and electrocution risk.

Furthermore, brands with known design flaws--Federal Pacific, Zinsco, and Pushmatic--should be replaced. Not all panels are defective and you should consult an electrician to find out more about yours.

Do you have an older electrical panel or another critical home system in disrepair?

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