Knob and Tube- St. Louis

What is Knob and Tube (K&T)?

If you have a newer home then you have nothing to worry about.  Knob and tube was a practice prior to the 1940’s and consisted of only two copper wires instead of three.  This means there isn’t a ground wire making it very dangerous and acceptable to fires.  Over time these old wires can become brittle and deteriorate at their connections and cause bare wires to be exposed or make contact with insulation.  

What Should I Do if I Have Knob & Tube in My Home?

The best option for a home that has knob and tube is to replace it with current wiring to better protect your family and home.  We have trained and licensed electricians who have experience working with knob and tube particularly.  Feel free to give us a call at (636)-425-1300 or email us at We serve the following Greater St. Louis areas: 

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