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New exciting learning opportunities are just a click away for TSI employees.  Miami University recently launched its new mini MBA that covers business essential topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance.  Miami Nation Enterprises, TSI’s parent company, was offered the class and made it available to all of its affiliated companies free of charge.  

The course has roughly 24 hours of media content and is scheduled for June 1 – August 31.  While it is not a full MBA degree, the class will cover all the essential components of the entire MBA program.  People who complete the class will receive a certificate of completion and add a little Miami University “Love and Honor” to their resumes. 

In today’s world, technology and business are constantly evolving.  The only way to be a leader in this industry is to leverage each day as a learning opportunity.  I’m thankful to be able to offer the TSI family the opportunity to grow and continue their education.  

Any TSI employees who haven’t signed up yet and would like to are encouraged to contact HR or simply send a message to a TSI social media account.  

Get out your thinking caps – Class is in session. 

Audiovisual Jobs Hiring St Louis Manager of Project Management

Join Our Team: Manager of Project Management

Seeking a dynamic leader to champion our St. Louis team of Project Managers, ensuring the seamless execution of our audiovisual, low-voltage cabling, security, and electrical projects. Ideal candidates possess the knowledge and experience necessary to orchestrate project scheduling, cost control, labor management, and material procurement. Moreover, success in this position involves equipping the Project Management team with the tools, training, and industry best practices that empower teammates to deliver top-notch solutions that are profitable and leave the customer satisfied beyond their expectations.

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