New AV System St Louis MO

New Installation of TSI’s Smart Viewer System

New AV System That Saves Money

TSI Global is scheduled to integrate the first of its recently patented Smart Viewer display hardware for a major client across their midwest corporate offices this summer.  The system was developed in 2020 as a part of TSI”s Going Green initiative.  

Smart Viewer’s new eye tracking system carefully monitors direct eye contact with the display in order to initiate a micro shutdown which automatically turns back on when somebody resumes viewing.  This essentially puts the screen to “sleep” so it can quickly be turned back on. 

“It may seem like a small factor on the grand scheme of things, but this system has already proven to make a noticeable difference on our overall power consumption at our new headquarters, not to mention the extended life we are adding to all of our digital signage throughout the office.”

Eye Tracking Software that doesn't miss a blink

Smart Viewer has a response time of 100 milliseconds which allows viewers to not miss a second when they are turned away from the screen or even blinking. The quick response rate allows this system to catch even the quickest blinks and winks (blinking with one eye). People on average take about 100-150 milliseconds to complete a full blink. 

The only real drawback to the system is when offices are at full capacity with multiple people viewing the screen.  Basically, unless something causes a distraction to everybody, or everybody blinks at the exact same time, the display will remain on.  This system is not recommended for major theaters or during the Super Bowl because let’s be honest, there should always be eyes on the screen for the Super Bowl.  

If you have any questions about if this system can integrate with your already existing systems, or you want to know how to construct a solid Aprils Fools joke, please visit our contact page.

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