Centene Center Performing Arts Theatre

Farmington, MO

Summer 2017


The Centene Center Performing Arts Theatre is a multipurpose community venue in Farmington, Missouri. The space is commonly used for hosting concerts, seminars, church gatherings, dance performances, drama, wedding ceremonies and other similar events, which is why we focused on building a system that has impeccable balanced and versatile sound distribution. We installed Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ modules with RoomMatch RMS218 subwoofers to bring all their events to life while keeping a user-friendly experience.


• 2 Speaker Arrays (6 Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ Modules on Each Side)
• 2 Additional Modules Flown in a Center-Hug Array
• 2 Bose RoomMatch RMS218 VLF- Subwooders
• 8 Networked PowerMatch PM8500N Amplifiers
• Bose ControlSpace ESP Engineered Sound Processor
• Bose ControlSpace CC-64 Programmable Networked Controller
“The ease and reliability of operating the system have been fantastic. We got to showcase the ShowMatch system at a recent event, and the sound was awesome. Soundcheck and rehearsal were seamless and comleted in minutes because of this system. I have nothing but praise for it; it has been great”- Chris Conway, CPRP, Director of Parks & Recreation