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Best Electricians in St. Louis- Residential Electric Services

TSI has licensed and insured electricians providing timely and cost-effective electrical installations and repairs to the St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding areas.  Our experts are trained to listen to your needs first in order to understand the best plan of action to achieve both your short and long-term goals.  We are open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and also provide 24/7 services in case of emergencies.  Our number one priority is to ensure you and your family have comfort knowing your home is safe and all your electrical needs are taken care of.  


No Electrical Job Too Big or Too Small

At TSI, the sky is the limit when it comes to what we can do.  Regardless if it’s a whole home rewire, outlet replacement, GFCI replacement, light design and installation, shading solutions, or you’re converting your house into a smart home, TSI has you covered.  We have worked on projects as big as major league sports stadiums like Enterprise Center and Busch Stadium, to troubleshooting flickering lights in homes like yours. 

TSI’s reputation has been built around our attention to detail, troubleshooting skills, professionalism, and ability to deliver electrical service that goes far beyond expectations.  We know there are other St. Louis electricians out there you can choose from, and that’s precisely why we value every customer at an individual level.  We hope to build a trusted relationship that lasts a lifetime.  It all starts with an email (brolf@tsi-global.com) or phone call (636)-425-1300

Our Electrical Services

Electrical Repair & Remodel

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Let’s face it, sometimes electrical emergencies happen.  Thankfully, your local electricians here at TSI are here to help.  Open 24/7, our licensed electricians are ready to help assess the severity of the issue, and ensure you and your family are safe.  

Not every call to an electrician is an emergency.  When you’re building a new home, or just upgrading the one you live in, we are ready to help.  We will work alongside you and your general contractor to make sure each step of the way goes according to plan.  Our goal is to make sure you’re happy and not adding remodel stress to your daily routine.  

Aluminum Wiring Replacement


Aluminum wiring was the standard way to wire a home prior to the 1970’s.  However, copper wire has been the new standard since then due to the increased risk of fire hazards. This is because the aluminum can shrink and expand at certain temperatures making it extremely vulnerable to an electrical fire, especially with outlets, switches, circuit breakers, and other points of connection.  The good news is we can help you replace, or find permanent solutions to make your home safe.

Outlet Repair


Often times when an outlet goes dead, the solution is as simple as flipping or resetting the circuit.  You can follow our step-by-step troubleshooting outlets guide, or you may call us to help you through it.  If our DIY troubleshooting guide doesn’t solve the problem, the issue may be more serious and may need a licensed electrician to assess it. We see no issue with your home as too small or too big.  If there is a problem, TSI is here to make sure it is solved and your family is safe.

Lighting Installation

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The lighting you choose for your home plays a huge factor towards the feel and functionality of the space, and it differs from room to room. The natural light available, space of the room, furniture in the room, and purpose of the room are just a few of the factors that need to be considered when deciding on the lighting. Our St. Louis lighting experts have experience with lighting installation, replacement, and even light fixture design and engineering.  We have even worked on one-of-a-kind fixtures in historic homes near Forest Park.  From small to large, Let TSI be the trusted source to shine light on your lighting solutions.  

Knob and Tube

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If you own a historic home, you’re probably familiar with knob & tube wiring.  This method was the standard practice between 1880 and 1940, but was changed due to the dangers of electrical fires.  Knob and tube wiring isn’t inherently dangerous, but certainly can be dangerous due to age, improper modifications, and under circumstances where insulation touches the wires.  We have trained electricians who have worked on many historic homes in Forest Park, who can either rewire your house, or at least make sure your home is safe. 

Panel Upgrades


Do your circuit breakers trip frequently, lights dim or flicker when you turn on appliances, plan on adding a high power-consumption appliance like a hot tub or air conditioner, or fuses blow unexpectedly?  It may be time for a panel upgrade.  Let us at TSI help minimize the stress and give us a call.  We will be happy to come make sure you have nothing to worry about.  


Surge Protection

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All it takes is one power surge from a lightning strike to ruin some of your most expensive electronics in your home.  Smaller power surges can even happen from large appliances in your house turning on as well.  Good news is your local St. Louis electricians at TSI can come make sure your home and valuables are protected from all surges, bother big and small.


GFCI Outlet Repair


Ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCI’s, continuously monitor the electrical current leaving the outlet or panel box and compare it to the current that is returning to it.  If there is a problem with the power returning to the GFCI it will trip and protect your home and belongings.  If your GFCI’s are tripping and they are dry and properly reset, give us a call, and we will send our licensed St. Louis electricians over to repair or install new GFCI outlets in your home. 

Standby Home Generators


Nobody wants to go without power.  Short power outages can subject a homeowner a temporary discomfort, but long term outages from severe thunderstorms or ice storms can be dangerous.  St. Louis and St. Charles are located right in the middle of the U.S. so these types of storms and power outages are expected.  If you have somebody in your home who is dependent on electricity to run medical equipment for their health, or you simply want the assurance you will always have heat, A/C, lights, and cold food in the refrigerator, maybe a standby generator is the right move for you.  

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Cathy Bryant
Cathy Bryant
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I have used Brandon before and since his merger with TSI. The friendly and knowledgeable service I used to get with Braco is still as good as it ever was. I won’t use anyone else.
Caitlyn Valadez
Caitlyn Valadez
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I called TSI and they came out the same day to upgrade my panel!! Dane was wonderful to help me on the phone as well. Would definitely recommend TSI to anyone. TSI made my week so much easier!
Scott Lindley
Scott Lindley
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Great company, but Brandon is the man! Very knowledgeable and great people skills. He is what brings people coming back to this company.
Elaine Greene
Elaine Greene
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This was our first time contacting TSI for a quote to install recessed lighting in our kitchen. The individuals that we communicated with, Cindy, Brandon and Alex were all very professional and friendly. After going over the quote, we decided to have TSI to do the work. Alex installed the lights. We are very pleased and satisfied with the work. Alex is very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions. We would highly recommend TSI. We are already planning another project.
Jon K.
Jon K.
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I had TSI install LED recessed lighting in my kitchen and living room. I was very pleased with their professionalism along with the work they did. They were very timely with the scheduling and completion of the work. I will certainly use them again for my residential electrical needs.