Safety Stand Down- COVID-19


Today, we had the honor of joining many others in our industry for the AGC of Missouri’s Covid-19 Safety Stand Down.  We reinforced the CDC’s recommendations for safety including how the virus infects people, how we can follow strict protocols to minimize risks in the field, and how we can cope with the great deal of stress this is causing everybody. 

It is our duty as a country to work together through this crisis.  The key is to be informed and take proper safety precautions to protect yourself and others.  We have a link to the information provided by the AGC of Missouri including:

  • Toolbox 1- Stop the Spread- Protect Yourself and Others
  • Toolbox 2- Keeping Construction Jobsites Safe During the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Toolbox 3- Stress and Coping with Covid-19

Feel free to look through it and stay knowledgeable about the pandemic.  Above all, remember to stay safe, help out neighbors in need, and thank a healthcare/essential worker. 


Stay up to date on pandemic information and listen to the CDC and WHO. Act accordingly to their guidelines and make sure to take care of your mental health as well.


Yes, practice social distance in every way possible. However, we are in this together. If your neighbor needs toilet paper and you were fortunate enough to buy some, leave a couple rolls on their doorstep. There is simply too much going on in the world for us to be selfish.


Get on an internet capable device, and thank a healthcare/essential worker. Everybody's situation is different, but there are people putting themselves directly in front of what has flipped the world upside down. They deserve medals, so at least give them a thank you.

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