Security Systems: Video Surveillance

At TSI, we believe the best security solutions are the ones that help you grow your business as well as protect it. Your business needs a flexible security monitoring system that you can access anywhere. TSI can provide an affordable and complete physical security solution.

TSI offers:

Flexibility: A wide variety of cameras means that there is one to meet your needs. This includes models with excellent low-light performance, models with audio, and models that can be deployed in harsh weather conditions using optional outdoor enclosures.

Accessibility: An optional Internet feed allows you to monitor cameras from a browser no matter where you are. You can also remotely control some models to better focus on what you need to see.

Adaptability: Certain models can perform a variety of operations using multiple interchangeable lenses, such as zoom and wide-angle.

An Array of Transmission Options: With optional Power over Ethernet and wireless connectivity, your cameras do not have to depend on electrical outlets or other wired connections.