Standby Home Generators- St. Louis

Should I Install a Standby Generator?

There are a few reasons why you may find a need for a standby generator in your St. Louis home.  The first is we have some pretty severe thunderstorms and ice storms that can leave an area without power for a couple days or longer.  Having a standby generator will make sure that you are not without lights, heat/AC,  and refrigeration during that time.  Another more important reason may be that your family need be 100% confident there is always going to be working electricity in your home to power medical equipment meant for keeping family member(s) healthy.  If even for a moment this equipment stops working, lives could be endangered.  Understanding why you need a permanent standby generator will help decide what kind of generator will be best for you.  

What to Know Before You Buy

  1. Decide what elements in your home you want to be backed up.  (medical equipment, refrigerator, furnace, etc.)
  2. Smaller portable generators typically have a pull cord to start them.  If this is too difficult physically, then you may want to buy one with an electric start.  
  3. Whole house generators run on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.  Take into consideration what your unit will run off of before buying.  
  4. Do you want there to be an automatic switch, or do you want to manually switch it over yourself? 
  5. Installation of whole house generators require a significant amount of space, on a concrete slab, near the electrical service box for the house.  

Buying a generator for your home can add a degree of comfort to you and your family.  Thankfully, you have licensed St. Louis electricians ready to help you through it every step of the way.  Just give us a call at (636)-425-1300 or email us at

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