Networking: Wireless

The wireless networking market is growing rapidly as businesses discover the productivity benefits of going wire-free. The increased mobility that WiFi networks offer has proved beneficial in operations throughout manufacturing facilities, warehouses, transportation depot, hotels, airports, hospitals, colleges, large enterprises, convention centers cities/municipalities as well as rural areas. Within the corporation, conference rooms, public areas, and branch offices constitute ideal venues for wireless LANs (WLANs).

TSI has developed a distinct competency in executing on large scale wifi rollouts:

Requirements Analysis 

Definition of technical requirements and specifications that provide the basis for the design of the wireless network or mobile application.  

System Design

Definition of the optimum wireless technologies, system architecture, products, and configurations that satisfy requirements.  

Site Surveys

Identification of the optimum locations for installing wireless access points or mesh nodes, analysis of existing RF interference, and assessment of equipment mounting assets and existing wired distribution systems.

System Installation

Planning of the installation, training for installers, and overseeing of the installation of the wireless network. We can recommend reputable installers if it's desirable to outsource the installation.

System Testing

Verification of the installation of the wireless network by developing a test plan and performing tests to ensure that all requirements are met, such as signal coverage, performance, security, and supportability. 

Security Assessments

Assessment of the security of an existing wireless network by reviewing the network configuration and performing penetration tests.  

Expert Troubleshooting

Determination of the root cause of wireless-related problems by observing the behavior of the system and performing RF and protocol analysis tests. 

Operational Support Planning

Development of operational wireless network support plans, which includes an assessment of the existing support organization and methods, creation of decision trees that support staff can use when diagnosing problems, identification of necessary tools, and recommendations on how to best support the network.

Project Management 

Planning of the deployment of an enterprise wireless network and management of all or portions of the deployment, including requirements definition, design, installation, testing, and operational support. 

TSI is partnered with the following product manufacturers:

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